Forrest View

Community Links

Pre-School Providers

Forest View has developed a number of strong links with local pre-school providers with the aim of improving the transition from pre-school to school for children.

Children from many pre-school settings in the town attend Forest School style sessions on the Forest View site. These sessions are run by Forest View staff and are supported by staff from the various pre-school settings.

Forest View also works closely with Hilltop Children’s Centre which is within the school site. Children from all pre-school settings in the town are invited to the school for transition sessions. This enables children to more confidently attend the school in September.

So far we have welcomed children from St. Johns Playgroup, Bo-Peeps and Lunaland and hope to strengthen links with other settings in the near future.


Primary Schools

Forest View works with a number of primary schools within the Forest of Dean and beyond. The school is a member of the local teaching school alliance of which the head teacher is an executive member. The alliance provides local training for school staff and is a forum through which schools can provide support to each other. Forest View often work with and support other schools both in the locality and farther afield.

Forest View has worked with a number of local schools to help improve outcomes for children. This has included moderating pupils work across schools (including secondary schools), setting up and running SENCO cluster meetings, setting up and running senior leader cluster meetings, providing training for staff from other schools and providing staff with opportunities to share their excellent practice with staff from other schools.

We frequently send our staff to different schools and meetings around the country in order to develop and share best practice between schools. 


Secondary Schools

Forest View works alongside local Secondary Schools to improve outcomes for pupils and to ease transition from year 6 to year 7.

Children often visit Forest High where they participate in a full day’s activities. These sessions are led by Forest High Academy staff and are supported by Forest View staff.

Pupils may also visit Forest High for one off lessons such as cookery, art and science. These lessons often complement the Forest View curriculum.

Staff from Forest View also work with their colleagues from the Forest High and from Dene Magna School. Forest View staff have supported staff from both settings to improve their knowledge and teaching of phonics. Staff from the secondary school settings have also worked with our subject leaders to improve their curriculum areas.


PE and School Sport Cluster

Forest View has used Sports Premium money to help fund a local partnership of schools. As a result of this partnership we have become a member of the Youth Sport Trust which provides us with a number of professional courses to help improve PE teaching at the school.

The newly formed Forest of Dean PE and School Sport Cluster meet regularly to share best practice and to develop the teaching of PE within the local area. The cluster is currently run by a colleague from one of our local secondary schools – Dene Magna.


Cinderford Swimming Club

Forest View children are frequently involved with the local swimming club and many child participate in national events with them. Through their involvement with the swimming club some of our past pupils are even competing at a national level and working with Olympic swimming coaches!

Many of the club swimming coaches run our swimming lessons at the local pool. The club is aimed at children who have achieved a stage 5 in swimming and above.


Cinderford Town Football Club

We allow the youth teams from Cinderford Town football club to use our school fields for free at weekends. Many of the children in the school play for one of the youth teams, training and playing competitive matches on our school fields at weekends.