Forrest View


If you would like to make contact with the school governors then please contact the Clerk, Mrs Kelly Morgan, via the school office or by email:


Meet the governing body of Forest View Primary School.


Chair: Mr Bob Hill - 

Bob spent most of his working life in sales and marketing in the FMCG industry working for some of this countries major brands.  He held several senior post and was responsible for large budgets and turnover with companies like Unilever (Wall’s Ice Cream) where he was responsible for 12.5% of company turnover. 

His expertise was in personnel management, budget control and employment law

Bob has been a Governor in several schools from a county boarding school to a number of secondary and primary schools.  Bob is also a panel member for School Inclusion and Exclusions in Herefordshire. 


Vice-Chair: Mrs Sandie Roper


Governors - Members and Trustees of the Academy:

Bob Hill -  Chair - Governor (Trustee)

Sandie Roper - Vice-Chair - Governor (Trustee)

Ben Lyons - Head Teacher - Staff Governor (Trustee)

Charlotte Howard - Staff Governor (Trustee)

Rachel Morton - Parent Governor (Trustee)

Christine Brown - Parent Governor (Trustee)

Tony Griffiths  - Governor (Trustee)


Gary Bluett - Member

Jane Johnson - Member

Keith Simmonds - Member


Non- Governors:

Claire Turley - Company Secretary

Kelly Morgan - Clerk to Governors


Declarations of Interest

Mr B. Lyons - Parent and staff member

Mrs R. Morton - Parent

Mrs C. Brown - Parent

Mrs C. Howard - Staff member

Mr G. Bluett - Husband to staff member

Mr K. Simmonds - Trustee to Cinderford Artspace

Mr T. Griffiths - Link Tutor University of Gloucestershire Teacher Training

Mrs J. Johnson - Member of Cinderford Town Council


Governors’ Duties

The Governors have statutory duties, as follows:

  • To ensure delivery of the National Curriculum. The Governors are involved in the monitoring of the curriculum, overseen by the Curriculum Committee.
  • To oversee the annual budget. Through the Finance Committee the Governing Body controls and monitors the expenditure of the school. Day to day decisions are delegated to the Head Teacher and his Senior Management Team.
  • To be kept informed on all aspects of the day-to-day running and organisation of the school.
  • To take decisions on the appropriate levels of staff and to make appointments, where necessary, via the Staffing Committee.
  • To inspect the condition and repair of the school premises.
  • To determine the use of the premises out of school hours.


Governor's Meetings

The full Governing Body meets a minimum of 4 times a year. An average meeting will typically review previous minutes, discuss reports from committees and from the Head Teacher. Any new policies are reviewed and approved and, following discussion, decisions may be approved as a result of proposals from committees and the Head Teacher. A number of these policies are available for you to view on the website.

The following committees meet regularly throughout the year to enable governors to carry out their business in the most effective manner and share the governing body’s responsibilities:

Educational Standards Committee

  • Curiculum
  • Assessment
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Special and Additional Education Needs
  • Gifted & Talented
  • English as an Additional Language
  • School Development Plan
  • School's Self Evaluation


Facilities, Finance and HR Committee

  • Health & Safety
  • Premises
  • Catering
  • Child Protection
  • Pastoral Care
  • Staff Welfare
  • School Development Plan
  • School's Self Evaluation
  • Finance
  • Pay
  • HR
  • Performance Management
  • School Development Plan
  • School's Self Evaluation