Forrest View

Play Leaders

Children are encouraged to support the work of our adult play leaders on each playground by leading and running their own play actvities on each playground.

The school's play leaders have been specifically trained to encourage children to be more active at lunchtimes and thus meet one of the outcomes for promoting positive mental well-being.

Although play leaders will be running more active actvities during playtimes they still have a role to play in the overall mental well-being of all pupils. They will therefore also promote all 5 areas of positive mental well-being: Take Notice, Be Active, Give, Connect and Learn. Many of the activities that the playleaders run will not just address the be active area but will also address many of the other 5 areas. Many activities will enable pupils to connect with each other for example.

Play leaders have a very important role to play and they effective lead a range of play activities for other children. Play leaders uphold the school's values of: tolerance, cooperation, kindness, determination, courage, invention and honesty.