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Changes to the Length of Lunchtimes 


Lunchtime Consultation Start Date: Monday 18th November 2019.

Staff Informed: Wednesday 20th November 2019.

Trustees Vote on Proposed Changes: Wednesday 4th December 2019.

Proposed Start Date for Changes: Monday 6th January 2020.

As the school continues to grow in size the pressures of having all the pupils accessing lunch at the same time causes considerable issues not only in the dinner hall but also on the school’s playgrounds. This often leads to conflict between pupils and a dining hall that cannot meet the demands of the number of children who need to access it.

Dining room queues are often too long and lead to conflict and issues between children who have to spend increasing lengths of time waiting for their food to be served or for a seat to become free for them to sit and eat their lunch.

For many children having one hour a day of unstructured learning has a detrimental impact on their behaviour and the school sees a dramatic rise in instances of poor behaviour in the last fifteen minutes of the current lunch hour. This means that a large number of children enter the classroom in the afternoon not able to access their learning activities which results in lost learning time.

There are no additional funds for the school to build extra dining room or social spaces.

In the past when the school had over 300 pupils the school had split lunchtimes which were shorter in length. The school is proposing to return lunchtimes to being split. This will free up space in the dinner hall allowing queue times to be reduced and a reduction in the number of children accessing the dining space at any one time. The split lunchtimes will also provide children with more space on the playgrounds leading to less conflict, improved behaviour and higher pupil to staff ratios. Pupils who chose to stay inside the building will also receive greater adult support. The changes will also allow for more break times to be built in between learning sessions and bring the school in line with sessions at local secondary school allowing for easier transition.

As an academy the school has the freedom to change its school day to meet the needs of the pupils.

The school therefore proposes the following changes to the school timetable:



Morning Session: 8.50 – 12.00 (including a morning break of 20 minutes)

Afternoon Session: 12.50 – 3.15 (Including an afternoon break of 20 minutes, Daily Mile and Golden Time)

Weekly learning time: 22 hours 55 minutes


Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4)

Morning Session: 8.50 – 12.00 (including a morning break of 20 minutes)

Afternoon Session: 12.45 – 3.15 (including an afternoon break of 15 minutes, Daily Mile and Golden Time)

Weekly learning time: 23 hours 45 minutes


Upper Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and 6)

Morning Session: 8.50 – 12.30 (including a morning break of 25 minutes)

Afternoon Session: 1.15 – 3.15 (including Daily Mile and Golden Time)

Weekly learning time: 24 hours 5 minutes


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School Catering

Forest View works in partnership with Class Catering (AiP) to provide the children with a high quality, varied menu. All children in Reception and KS1 will be eligible for a free school meal every day of the week. Any children who are not eligible for free school meals will be charged £2.20 per day. To see if your child is eligible for free school meals please contact the school office.


AiP Catering provide at least two hot meal choices per day (one of which will be vegetarian), a jacket potato or choice from the salad bar and a baguette/wrap/sandwich/bagel option. In addition to this there is a well stocked fresh salad bar, fresh bread daily and a range of desserts. Desserts will always include yoghurt made on site and fresh fruit as well as other hot and cold options.



 Please see school office to order a card. This can be used in any store that shows a Paypoint sign.


Online payment for school meals with ParentPay. Please see school office to obtain a username and password for your child. This will enable you to make a secure online payment for your childs school meals.