Forrest View


Y5/6 - Miss J. Woskett and Miss D. Rickards


Welcome to Kites class Miss Woskett and Miss Rickards are the class teachers. Mrs Thomas and Mr Green also work in Kites class.


Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘The Great Outdoors’ and throughout the term we will focus on developing our skills, knowledge and understanding in Geography and Science.


We will begin Spring 1 with an exciting trip to Bristol Zoo and a local wildlife expert will also be visiting the school to take us outside and teach us about the wildlife in our local environment. In Science lessons, we will learn about the differences in the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. We will also classify animals by their observable characteristics. We will use this knowledge and our Literacy skills to write and film our own Nature Documentaries.

In Art we will use the book ‘The Lost Words’ to inspire our own observational sketches and paintings of animals. We will also use the book to inspire some poetry writing.

In Spring 2 the Mini Marines will lead an activity as part of our second hook day. During the term our PE lessons will also be based on Adventurous Outdoor Activities.

In Numeracy we will cover Position and Direction and will learn about all four quadrants on a coordinate grid. 

Our P.E days will be Wednesdays and Fridays. It is a good idea if children keep their P.E kits in school at all times as P.E lessons may change due to weather and school commitments.


Homework will be set at the start of the term. Children can hand in their completed homework projects at the end of the term or as they finish each task. You can support us by listening to your child read regularly and helping them learn their times tables. Children will receive rewards for completed homework and if an adult signs their link book to let us know they have read at home. Children can become ‘Maths Champions’ and receive a special pencil when they know all the times tables and division facts up to 12x12 and are able to use them to solve a variety of problems.


We are all looking forward to learning new and interesting things this term.