Forrest View


 Year 3/4 - Miss A. Bligh



Welcome to Falcons class I'm Miss Bligh and I am the class teacher. Miss Frowen and Miss Davis also work in Falcons class.


We will start the Autumn term by spending two weeks focusing on British Values. We will be reading the book ‘Atticus Claw breaks the Law’ to understand the rule of law. We will discuss the school rules and how they help keep us safe and happy, and then create our own classroom rules together too, based on what is important to us. We will learn that we need to take responsibly for our own behaviour and except the consequences if we behave badly. We will also discuss how it feels to be angry and how we can learn to control this emotion.


Our topic for the Autumn Term is ‘Rotten Romans’. We will begin the topic with an exciting hook day, where we will be making Roman shields and learning Roman chants in preparation for our battle.


Throughout the term we will be developing our historical skills and knowledge about the Roman Empire. During this topic, we will be visiting the Roman Fortress and Baths in Caerleon.


In Science, we will be looking at different states of matter. We will be identifying solids, liquids and gases and observing how materials can change state. Also, we will look at developing our Growth Mindset approach by focussing on resilience. In Computing, we will be developing our key skills and understanding of what a computer network is.