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School Council Visit

12th Feb 2020

I am not certain if parents are aware that as Governors we visit the school frequently to observe the working and pick up ideas to discuss at our meetings.


Recently I visited to meet the “School Council” and hear what ideas, expectations and needs they were raising.


I found 14 pupils discussing ways to improve the environment around the school.  It transpired that they had identified a need to recycle paper in the classrooms.  They had accepted the responsibility to pass on the message to their classmates and to explain in full details what they were planning to the whole school at assemblies.

They decided it was imperative they have separate bins for paper in their classrooms and others around the school to collect crisp packets that accumulate in the playground.  To this end they were writing to Mr Ben Lyons, Head Teacher, asking for funds to purchase these bins

I was very impressed with the way all the pupils were working together across the age groups and all had something to contribute.  It was also encouraging to see just how members of this generation are so concerned about our planet and they should all be commended for their commitment.

Bob Hill

Chair of Governors


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