Forrest View

This Term

12th Feb 2021

Well done everyone, we have all made it through another term!


You should all be very proud of yourselves, the school is certainly proud of you all.


No matter what you have been able to do this term with your children or how much school work your children have been able to do, we know that you have all done what is important and that is to keep yourselves and your families safe. That has always been the priority.


We know it has not been easy and times have been difficult but children are resilient and we will all bounce back from this.


Next week is half term and school staff have been instructed to take a very well-deserved break. It is a chance for everyone to try and relax and to spend time doing something different.


School will reopen for key worker and invited children on the 22nd February when we also hope to hear some positive news about when schools might fully reopen (remote learning will also restart on this day). We will off course up date you as soon as we hear more about this.


 For now take care of yourselves and stay safe.


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